We have a NEW Forum!

Welcome and thanks for reading this edition of VaporStore’s Newsletter.

A lot has happened since our last issue, one of the biggest events being that we launched  our own forum! Yes, that’s right, VaporStore now has a vaporizer forum that can be accessed at VaporMovement.com. In the past we’ve posted articles, product updates and insider tips, but now you can share your own thoughts on the newest and coolest trends in vaporizing through our forum. We’ve got exciting new updates in store, so keep checking back for new products, promotional sales and giveaways. Also, stay informed on everything VaporStore and don’t forget our blog – we created VaporMovement to provide articles that will both educate you and keep you informed on everything related to vaporizers and the industry. Come visit VaporMovement.com and leave your opinions, see what others are saying, contact fellow vaporizer enthusiasts or just learn more about staying healthy and saving money. Have a new idea for us? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for reading and happy vaporizing!

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