Water Adapters: Keeping it cool this Winter

The wonderful world of vaporization has vastly expanded over recent years with the emergence of new technology and many traditional smokers becoming more health conscious, as well as a medical community searching for healthier options to recommend to patients. Amazingly new adapters and new vaporizer systems are being designed to utilize water filtration. This article will outline new developments in the administration of medicinal herbs to fuse the health benefits of vaporizing with the cool soothing sensation of using a traditional water pipe.

Water pipe users represent a segment of the smoking population that is very attached to the water pipe delivery method in the relatively new vaporization movement, and thus leaving some less inclined to convert to vaporizing. Cool water filtration is a must-have for connoisseurs and users with smoke sensitivity. VaporStore has addressed this issue to combine the best of both worlds—water pipe adapters and hybrid vaporizers

A water pipe adapter is a tool that connects the tubing of your vaporizer handkit to a water pipe, adding a cooling filter for the vapor to percolate through before inhalation. The purpose of using these is to provide added comfort and moisture to the throat, which can become dry and irritable from inhaling warm vapor. For some, vapor may cause discomfort even though it is much less harsh than smoking. The adapters also allow users to incorporate the comfort in using their own glass water and continue using one of the most popular and frequently-used methods of consuming medicinal herbs.

At VaporStore, we have included water pipe adapters to our ever-increasing product line to allow customers the opportunity to merge the healthy, economic benefits of vaporization with the soothing relief and familiar comfort of a water pipe.


We offer the following adapters to use with whip style vaporizers and recommend them for any level of expertise or amount of usage. They are inexpensive and are available in different sizes to fit almost every water pipe.

For users of box- or whip-style vaporizers such as the VaporTower and VaporBox, we have simple water adapters sized to fit inside the down-stem of almost any water pipe. These are also compatible with most vaporizers that use a whip/handkit to deliver vapor. The adapter attaches to the mouthpiece section of the silicone tubing on your handkit. When used properly, you will be able to draw vapor from your vaporizer by inhaling from the mouth of your water pipe. This adapter is offered in highly common 9.5mm, 12mm and 14mm sizes.

Vaporizer Water Pipe Adapters

Made by Vaporfection, creators of the Stealth, the Aqua Vape is another option for whip-style vaporizer users. This spill-proof glass device consists of a water receptacle in place of a standard mouthpiece on the whip, through which the vapor percolates to cool and soothe as you inhale. You can also refrigerate the device before use to chill the water even more. Just remove your standard mouthpiece, replace with the Aqua Vape, and breathe in the relief.

Aqua Vape

We also carry brand-specific devices for particular units. HotBox has made their own adapters for their popular, stylish and customized vaporizers. We have these adapters available in 14mm and 19mm that you can use with a water pipe and the HotBox tubing.

HotBox Water Adapter


The Volatizer M2 (VM2), also known as the Black Beauty, is a vaporizer used with a water pipe to offer relaxing comfort and convenient simplicity. This unit includes a specially designed heat gun that accompanies a customized bowl to fit your water pipe down stem. Just a flick of the switch, and the VM2 heats instantly, ready to vaporize.

VM2 Vaporizer

The VaporSnake is a handmade, artistically created vaporizer that is comprised of a ceramic heating element and base. This unit uses internal water filtration and convection technology to efficiently extract the active ingredients from your herbs and tobacco for powerful effects without irritation.


VripTech is the leader in combining convection technology with water filtration to make the “Superior Vaporizing Technique”. A more advanced vaporizer/water pipe hybrid model, the VripTech is an exquisite system that utilizes a revolutionary heat wand creating the purest experience. The first of its kind, the air that is inhaled using the VripTech heat wand only comes into contact with heated glass—no plastics or electronics. For all-natural cooling relief, this trailblazer is guaranteed to deliver the most potent effects from your blend of choice.

VripTech Vaporizer

With this new assortment of options, VaporStore is equipped to help you get the most out of your material and your vaporizing experience. Upgrade your vaporizer system to include water filtration today!

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