VaporTower Herbal Vaporizer – The best in MANY price ranges!

Don’t let the simple look of the VaporTower herbal vaporizer fool you. There is a lot of technology put into a small package. The VaporTower herbal vaporizer comes in many color options. Sometimes the creator VaporStore will leak a few limited edition Towers out into the mainstream.

When I first got my VaporTower I pulled it out of its packaging and was impressed by the hand rubbed finish. It was obvious that this was not just a stained unit. The stain is a water based stain and only on the out side of the vaporizer so it is not exposed to the heat at all.

I plugged it in and the setup was very easy. Right on the front of the unit is the heat control knob and the on and off switch. I quickly turned it on and set it to 10 o clock per the directions. The temperature was producing vapor within 3 minutes. This would give me enough time to grind up some of my favorite herb lavendar and get it ready.

I quickly grind up the herb material and dump that on the table. I then take the bowl and dump the herb in and attach the bowl to the handkit. All of this was very easy and took no time.

The material was suspended in between two screens which seems to hold it more securely that any other handkit I have ever used. It was amazing as the herb material did not fall to the bottom on the bowl. So, after I used a bowl worth it was more evenly vaporized.

I feel that because of the upright setup the heat is more effective as heat flows up. And there are reasons the Volcano vaporizer went this way. Same for the VaporTower. VaporStore knew everyone would not be able to afford the Volcano. So, they created one that is lung driven. Some say that with the Tower you actually get fresher vapor as with the Volcano it can get stahl sitting in the bag for any length of time. Where as with the VaporTower you only draw fresh vapor with the aid of the handkit.

The handkit uses medical grade silicone tubing and all glass parts. There is a metal connection but none of the metal is exposed to the vapor at any time. This connection point makes the screen change really easy. This feature is also available on their single screen models as well. You can change the screen in like 15 seconds. Where as before this feature it took at least 10 minutes.

The VaporTower herbal vaporizer compares to units two and three times its price. At $199 and offering a LIFETIME warranty from the manufacturer on the heater element brings the Tower to the TOP of my list of vaporizers to keep an eye on.

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