VaporTower Handkit Dual Screen Handkit Vapor Whip

VaporTower Dual Screen HandkitVaporStore is the ORIGINAL creator and designer of the Dual Screen VaporTower Handkit!  Only VaporStore has successfully and efficiently innovated this dynamic handkit.  Our original innovative Dual-Screen Handkit keeps your material secure which renders burning and spilling a problem of the past. Avoid cheap imitations and other manufacturer knock-offs from big brand companies. The dual-screen design allows hot air to flow through the material more evenly extracting all possible vapors. This is something the other handkits have overlooked. The most difficult task when using an original one-piece handkit design is replacing the screen. Our VaporTower Handkit has solved this painstaking process and brought it a step further by adding a second screen. Simply unscrew the top portion (bowl) that is placed onto the heater and pop out its screen. Only seconds to install a new screen. No more wasted frustration! Stick with the original, stick with the best dual chamber handkit made by VaporStore. The easiest and most efficient handkit to use on the market found anywhere hands down!

We have also made this handkit compatible with most other hands free box-style vaporizers. So even if you do not own a VaporTower, but have a classic angled box-style vaporizer, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits the VaporTower hand kit has to offer.  Make your angled box vaporizer work much for efficiently and easier by upgrading to the VaporTower handkit!

  • This product will fit the following hands free vaporizers: Hands-Free VaporBox, VaporCannon, VaporDoc, Easy Vape, Vaporite and possibly other hands-free vaporizers. It will NOT work with VaporBrothers Vaporizers or any standard “non hands-free” vaporizer.
  • Diameter of VaporTower bowl: 0.968″
  • Hands-Free Vaporizers can also use our Deluxe Hands-Free Handkit which can be found HERE.
  • Standard Vaporizers must use our Deluxe Standard Handkit which can be found HERE.

* All handkit parts are available for individual sale.

Accessories included with each handkit / whip:

  • 2 Extra Screens
  • 1 Stir Tool

Deluxe Handkit WhipEasy Screen Change

Here is a video that shows the difference between the Hands Free handkit we offer and the VaporTower Dual Screen Handkit we show in this article.

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