VaporStore and NewAje Lasers – Partners Lighting the Way

Emeryville, CA December 2009 – Respected entertainment retailer and live light-show performance company NewAje Lasers is officially announcing its collaboration with VaporStore. Started over a decade ago, NewAje Lasers has been lighting a path for laser enthusiasts and imaginative minds alike. Since launching its website, NewAje Lasers has discovered the most innovative laser and lighting products on the market to pass along for eager customers. Long-standing relationships have allowed NewAje Lasers to offer this industrial-grade technology to its customers at very affordable prices.

Working together, NewAje Lasers plans to accompany VaporStore to its appearances at upcoming trade shows and conventions; including C.H.A.M.P.S. and other shows in 2010. Where permissible, there will be vapor lounges available to demonstrate the vaporizer products alongside a wide selection of the products available at NewAje Lasers, providing an “enhanced” vaporizing experience for those in attendance. All the products and more can be found on the store website ( for individual purchase. NewAje Lasers also proudly offers wholesale pricing for select products.

All of the laser and lighting products at are now available at You can extend the feeling of relief you get from vaporizing even further with colorful additions to your surrounding decor. NewAje invites its customers to relax underneath a star field and nebula cloud with a Laser Star projector. Experience some intriguing mood lighting and ambiance with the Plasma 360 globe—the possibilities and combinations are endless. Each item uniquely produces amazing effects—great for parties, gifts and social events large or small. Fun and safe for all ages, NewAje offers products that will truly turn heads and make social gatherings unique. Many say they’ve found the perfect complement for their vaporizing experience or any festive atmosphere. These eye-dazzling laser and lighting entertainment products never go out of style or fail to entertain!

Many vaporizer users agree that the lighting and atmosphere created during a vaporizing session is very important to ensure a positive experience. VaporStore, the makers of the ever-popular VaporTower and VaporBox Vaporizers, will soon be releasing a “NewAje” VaporTower, full of upgrades to improve the functionality including color-changing LED lights that will surely set a positive mood for anyone who uses it.

The next time you grab your vaporizer think about opening your eyes to the “NewAje” of laser technology. Whatever type of excitement, whatever kind of effect you are looking for; NewAje Lasers has an assortment of products to spark your imagination. Be sure to check out the product pages where you can watch live demonstrations before you buy. For more information visit the website at

NewAje Lasers is also an expert source for spectacular laser light shows, laser displays, media projections and special effects. Lighting effects are suitable for all types of events, whether business- or entertainment-related. Working hand-in-hand with clients since 1998, they strive to provide customized presentations to enhance ambiance while spreading a fever of energy to all those in attendance. They cover all aspects of preparation from conceptualization and design to programming and operation. They can even provide the music and DJ for your event! NewAje Lasers can work seamlessly with any environment to create a performance that is not only memorable, but also within your budget. Call to book your personalized experience now!

Founder and President Adrian Moussa is truly following his dreams surrounding himself in a world of light. He shared this passion in a recent interview. “Seeing how the laser light can affect humans so strongly and positively, it touches my heart and makes me feel great, as if I’m spreading happiness through light, throughout the populations.  It is a priceless satisfaction to make others happy.” Clearly the laser and lighting industry ignites a passion that the company gladly shares with its customers. He continues, “So I set out on a mission since age 16, to recreate and expose more people to the magical touch of laser lighting.” In a world that may seem dark and dreary at times, NewAje Lasers is proud to light the way!

NewAje Lasers, Inc., has been showing people the light for over 10 years. Inspired by the effects light has on the mind, body, and spirit, President Adrian Moussa felt compelled to offer the products he found. After several years, NewAje continues to seek out the next mind-blowing product to offer. If you have any questions or requests, a responsive customer support team is available to help you find exactly what you need.

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