VaporStore Affiliate Contest
4-20-08 to 4-20-2010 and would like to thank all our hard-working affiliates who have been participating in our sales contest! Moreover, we are glad to have you as partners while VaporStore is making big improvements to accommodate our continued growth.

We want to update you on the healthy competition as we know many of you are capable and eager to be our #1 affiliate. We are all excited to see who comes out on top after two full years starting on 4-20-08 and ending on 4-20-10.

During the last year of the contest, we will post the top 5 affiliates in terms of sales at, updating the list every two months. We hope this helps serve as a great way to set sales goals during the contest and see where you stack up compared to the rest of the pack. Be on the look-out for our newsletters including updates on new products and VaporStore specials to help you maximize your sales!

Let’s do the math… If you sell one Volcano, a continual best-seller, you rake in $53.90. Now that’s a great business opportunity, because once they buy it we do all the work and you get paid! You can talk to family and friends, post messages on forums, or send out mass e-mails. There’s never a shortage of customers looking for help in buying a vaporizer. Spread the good word about VaporStore and you will be handsomely rewarded. Better yet, you could win a FREE Volcano Digit!

The race has started, but there’s plenty of time left, so anyone can win. Seize the opportunity to jump out of the recession and make some money today!

Save the Date! On April 20th, 2010 we will announce the #1 sales affiliate and award him/her with a FREE Complete Volcano Digit System!

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If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding the affiliate program or any of our products, we would be glad to listen and help! Just Click Here to contact us. 

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