The Vapman Vaporizer and Supporting Parts

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Vapman Vaporizer Portable Vaporizers

The Vapman Vaporizer is one of the best portable herbal vaporizers on the market. It is discreet and it is included in its own hard case and very small. It comes with it own Jetflame Lighter that can be refilled or on it’s own and you can use your own jetflame type lighter. The design of this portable vaporizer is unique and works very well.  The Vapman Vaporizer is very Discreet and VaporStore offers a full line of supporting parts.  Browse our full product line and let us know if there are any questions and we would be glad to assist.

Are you searching for a portable Vaporizer that is compact, conveniently handy, easy to use and looks absolutely stylish? Then you are very well served with the Vapman vaporizer offered only at VaporStore! Each vapman vaporizer is made individually, by hand with much care. And composed of only the highest-quality materials found in Switzerland. Our demonstrations and experience with this new portable vaporizing wonder has proved to the vaporizing community that it is the best NEW portable vaporizer on the market. This unique and discreet vaporizer system comes with its own carrying case which fits snug in your pocket and a  butane torch lighter for creating the heat needed for vaporizing no matter where you are. This amazing vaporization device has been tested by everyone from skiers in the Swiss Alps, by YOU, our customers and by our diligent team hear at VaporStore with results reaching 100% functionality and satisfaction.