The International Cannabis & Hemp Expo (INTCHE)

The International Cannabis & Hemp Expo (INTCHE), is coming back to the Cow Palacein San Francisco on September 25th & 26th. This year INTCHE is promising to be bigger and better than ever due to growing interest and popularity among the public surrounding the cannabis and hemp industries. This fall, VaporStore will again be sponsoring the world-class expo by having the newest vaporizers and accessories on display and setup for demonstration at our booth (K9) on the convention floor.

This year INTCHE will be doubling the “Proposition 215” section and consumption area, while also adding live entertainment from 1-6 PM both days. Also new at INTCHE this fall is a glassblowing feature attraction that will include a raffle for custom pieces made at the expo! Along with dispensaries, collectives and other vendors, VaporStore will be joined at INTCHE by leaders of the industry who will be discussing and debating on a wide-range of topics including the upcoming election and ballot measures.

This 2-day event is open to the entire public, and tickets will be available starting August 16th for advance purchase online at, or at any TicketMaster location, as well as the day of the event at the door. Come and visit VaporStore at our booth (K9) and while you’re there educate yourself on the differences between industrial hemp and medical cannabis, along with the health benefits of vaporizing compared to traditional smoking methods. We will explain and demonstrate how vaporizing can save you money and save your health. Vaporizing is recommended by most doctors of medical cannabis users. We will also have many show specials and discounts to help you save even more. We offer the widest selection of vaporizers on the market. So come down and take advantage of these once in a life time prices! We hope to see you at the Cow Palacefor INTCHE 2010!

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