The Davinci Vaporiozer. Portable. Digital.

davinci portable vaporizer digitalDa Vinci Vaporizer – The Davinci Portable vaporizer has taken the vaporizer world by storm.  Here is a vaporizer review of the Davinci vaporizer with our our head developer did as he liked it so much.  This portable is digital and the size of a smart phone.  With the battery powered unit it also delivers a more constant heating and vaporization experience.  Check out the Davinci vaporizer today and find out what you have been missing in a portable vaporizer.
  • Battery Powered
  • 3 Li-ion Battery   Packs
  • Heats to 400 degrees in 1.5 mins
  • Digital Temp Control allowing for 0-465 degree flux
  • LDC Temperature Guage
  • Size of a standard smart phone
  • Whip style mouth stem
  • Power button and heating chamber on/off button
  • Temperature control buttons
  • Material storage compartment
  • Heating compartment lock button
  • Aluminum face and heavy duty high temperature rubberized plastic back

Included accessories: Metal Storage Case, Battery Charger, Cleaning Tools, 3 Extra Screens and 3 Share-a-Vape Tip Condoms for the multi-person party.

Expected delivery date is March 01, 2012.

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