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davinci portable vaporizer digitalDa Vinci Vaporizer - The Davinci Portable vaporizer has taken the vaporizer world by storm.  Here is a vaporizer review of the Davinci vaporizer with our our head developer did as he liked it so much.  This portable is digital and the size of a smart phone.  With the battery powered unit it also delivers a more constant heating and vaporization experience.  Check out the Davinci vaporizer today and find out what you have been missing in a portable vaporizer.
  • Battery Powered
  • 3 Li-ion Battery   Packs
  • Heats to 400 degrees in 1.5 mins
  • Digital Temp Control allowing for 0-465 degree flux
  • LDC Temperature Guage
  • Size of a standard smart phone
  • Whip style mouth stem
  • Power button and heating chamber on/off button
  • Temperature control buttons
  • Material storage compartment
  • Heating compartment lock button
  • Aluminum face and heavy duty high temperature rubberized plastic back

Included accessories: Metal Storage Case, Battery Charger, Cleaning Tools, 3 Extra Screens and 3 Share-a-Vape Tip Condoms for the multi-person party.

Expected delivery date is March 01, 2012.

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  1. Portable on March 4, 2012 10:25 pm

    I had the pleasure to test the DaVinci on the Ski Lift in Mammoth Mountain
    last week. Adding the extra few inches of silicon tubing really helped me
    reach the DaVinci while leaving it inside my inner jacket pocket, very
    stealth! I even used it with other riders on the chair lift, just turned my
    head away from them and they have no idea I was vaping. Here is a video I
    took, since it is windy you can just barely see the vapor blowing to the
    side of my face.

    Rest assured, it worked very well to do the job. I prefer the temp range of
    375-395F on the DaVinci, higher temps resulted in undesirable taste and very
    darkened material.

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