Spinning Ashtray – The Perfect Way to Contain You Material After Vaporizing

Spinning Ashtray

The Spinning Ashtray is a Perfect Way to Contain You Material during a vaporization session. VaporStore continues to test and provide the best product on the market to enhance vaporizers and the experience a vaporizer can provide. The spinning ashtray by VaporStore your vaporizer provider!

For years I always way putting the spent material in cups and anything I could find.  Then I was over at a friends house and saw one of these spinning ashtrays.  It was perfect.  Once your material or duff is spent you just put it on top of the ashtray and push down on the black lever.  This spins the ash or material away and keeps your vaporizing area nice and clean.  A perfect storage place for your duff to use later for butter!

You can purchase one today at VaporStore.com



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