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It is widely believed that today’s New Year celebrations may be credited to the ancient Chinese’s belief that noise, fireworks, lights and other forms of natural environment disturbances ward off evil and attract the good spirits that translate to good luck and good fortune. We may not necessarily share the belief but that doesn’t stop us from bringing in the New Year with noise, celebration and most of all partying.

This year, let Vaporstore turn your New Year party into a sensational recollection of the 365 days that passed and an awesome welcome to the 365 days that are coming. We are offering a huge 10% storewide sale from January 9th 12 am to January 24th 12 midnight. Just use the code NEWYEARS2011 upon check out to take advantage of the discount. All our lasers and lights are discounted to get your party started.

Take a look at our laser and lighting section at or our sister web site You will marvel at the affordable laser technology which are ideal toys that you can bring home for your party. NewAje Laser products offer laser and lighting effects that can transform any location into a haven that will reflect the ambiance of your New Year celebration. There are many products to choose from and they all serve to light up the life of any social gathering or environment.

With the kind of fun that our laser and lighting products  offer, you will ward off the evil spirits and keep the party going strong all night long.

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