VaporStore New Product Spotlight

Pinwheel Lightshow Stick

Light Show StickBe the party starter at your next event with the Lightshow Stick Pinwheel. You’ll be amazed by the ever-changing colors in the 32 different light patterns allowing you to create spinning light shows with the push of a button! Treat yourself and others to a 360 degree lightshow spectacle making use of an assortment of powerful LED’s. Great for parties, concerts, or any festive atmosphere! This light looks amazing during the day and even better at night. If you’re looking for a magical and hypnotic lightshow to amaze yourself and others, you’ve found it here in the portable Lightshow Stick!

Magic Flight Vaporizer w/ Tubing

Magic Flight Vaporizer Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is very well known in the community as one of the smallest and fastest portable vaporizers on the market. In fact, the Box is so fast, small, quiet and odor free that it can easily be used in situations where nothing else can. Now you can make it even better and take your experience a step further with the tubing kit. We are the only store to offer this added length and comfort to make your Magic Flight experience smoother and less abrasive. If you have or are planning to get a Magic Flight Launch Box, this is a must have accessory!

Big Bang Rocket

Big Bang RocketGet ready for some booming fun and exciting times tossing the Big Bang Rocket with your family and friends! Perfectly safe for use by all ages, you can play with it anywhere and it’s so simple to use. You only need some old newspaper to make wherever you’re standing a live launching pad! A great way to get everyone up and out of the house for fun and exercise. The Big Bang Rocket is safe, easy to use and fun, so grab those old newspapers out of the recycle bin and brace yourself for the BIG BANG!

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da Buddha VaporizerBe shown the path to true enlightenment with the Da Buddha Vaporizer. The Da Buddha uses the most reliable and efficient technology to produce an affordable vaporizer that will surely bring you peace of mind. The 100% ceramic heater is produced using the finest methods and heats up in just 1-2 minutes. Da Buddha Vaporizer rivals all vaporizers on the market in potency, flavor and value. Built here in the USA, you can be assured you are getting a great product built by an honest company. Every Da Buddha comes complete with a padded storage case to help protect your investment. Stop dealing with unreliable vaporizers and find your peace with Da Buddha Vaporizer!

vaporizer Silver Surfer Vaporizer

SSV Silver Surfer Vaporizer

One of the most trusted vaporizers on the market has made its way to VaporStore! What makes the Silver Surfer Vaporizer different than the rest is that each has its own special look and feel making it unique while still using only the highest quality parts. Included are custom colored glass pieces that give your unit a distinct personality! The Silver Surfer offers a rock-solid housing to protect the 100% ceramic heating element and glass parts from damage while staying cool during usage. A plush padded case is included offering protection when traveling. Utilizing a unique 90-degree angle and a dedicated air intake helps prevent your herbs from spilling out while keeping your vapor pure and free of any contaminants. Catch the wave with the Silver Surfer today!

LOHO Music Star

LOHO music laser star projectorDance the night away listening to your favorite MP3s under a star-filled sky with the LOHOStar Music Laser Star Projector. Make your next event a blast with a dynamic green laser star field decoration that moves to the tempo of your own custom play list! The LOHOStar is great for both group events or just hanging out, and is the perfect addition to any environment. Project the stars on to the wall, ceiling or any surface you choose. The HDSS speaker utilizes innovated design and technology to produce true, rich sound without noisy vibrations. Customizable settings and features allow you to set the perfect mood. This unit comes equipped with a standard headphone jack, so plug in any music player and get the party started!

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