Product Spotlight – Discreet and Portable Vaporization – Incognito Vaporizer

Do you need to vaporize on the go? Do you need to keep your vaporizing concealed and covert? Do you often need to medicate in public areas? When you need to stay inconspicuous, The Incognito Vaporizer is the best stealth vaporizer bar none.

The most impressive quality is the simplicity of craftsmanship. Created out of a stainless steel, no-spill water bottle with a screw on lid, you can use it when out and about and in blend perfectly with the crowd. You draw from the mouth piece of the bottle that you would normally drink from. So it looks just like you are drinking out of a water bottle. It is ceaseless kinesis at its finest.

The Incognito Vaporizer with Lifetime Warranty at VaporStore

The incognito water bottle appearance is not only an aesthetic feature but functional as well. The chamber seals tight, your herbs will never spill or go to waste. The handkit is designed from the VaporTower Handkit created by VaporStore. It includes the dual-screen chamber ensuring you get an even and efficient vaporizing experience. Vape standing up, vape lying down or even upside down and none of your herb will spill. You can vape anywhere – in front of the computer, on your bed, in the car, out in public – and no one will ever notice.

We are so confident about The Incognito that it comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The heating element and all electronics are also from VaporStore. So you get a 100% ceramic heating element that heats up in 3-5 minutes, the heater is also very healthy to use for vaporizing and very durable. It is one of the best heating elements on the market and ensures an easy and quality vaporizing experience.

You can also use the party bowl attachment inside! The top pops so you can inhale the vapor straight out of the handkit (tubing and mouth piece included) and even easier to pass it around If you do not need to use The Incognito covertly, you can also use the entire handkit set up with the hosing and glass mouth piece to help create a smoother, cooler vape. The Incognito is ready to vaporize in 3-5 minutes. The stainless steel bottle is fully covered with a sleeve to insulate the heat and that makes it easy for you to hold with grip while using.

Each water bottle will be available in silver, blue and red with your choice of a silver or gold knob.

This is your chance to own the newest coolest vaporizer on the market. Get ALL of these perks for the same price as your regular Box-Style Vaporizer. You can get it now for only $179.95

The Incognito Vaporizer package includes:

  • Hands-free whip
  • Car Adapter
  • Acrylic Grinder
  • Extra Screens
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free Stir Tool

Don’t delay. Be Incognito today.


Customer Reviews on the Incognito Vaporizer:

Jeremy S. – “This thing is so boss, it rips like a pipe and looks like a water bottle. Vaporizing is really easy with this, smoking just because of speed isn’t really needed anymore.”

Tony V. – “I’ve never seen a vaporizer hit so much and no turn the herb black. It feels solid and is easy to set up. With the car adapter this is a must have for me.”

Christopher G. – “Wow. This is extremely unique and the fact that it puffs so much vapor for so long on such a small bowl, it makes me feel like I need to have a vaporizer like this. You save so much cash and my wife can’t tell I’m doing anything.”

Mckayla M. – “I am surprised every time I look at the bowl after vaporizing. This is the most useful, powerful vape for the road in existence. I can use this on my breaks. Pack a bowl in the morning put it in my purse and plug it in on break time. It low profile at its best.”

Courtney S. -“This is so sneaky and cute. For being an adult living with my parents this is a must have vape for me because vaporizing doesn’t smell with this. With the car adapter this is perfect for lunch time medicating. Discreet medicating anywhere there is a wall socket has never seemed more comfortable.”

D. Main. – ” I love the ease of use, I can use it one handed and upside down if I want to and still get a great hit with no problems! Plus the bottle has a long cord and is easy to pass around when I’m vaping with friends.”

Henry C. – “No way. The reliability of a box vape on the go. This thing works so well in all situations I fell in love. I slept with this thing bro… Fell asleep vapin layin down. Medicating safely. You’ll never be able to set the room on fire from inside stainless steel.”

Peter N.- “This vape got me “maintainin” homie. I can use this on my long missions in the bay! This is the best vape for the price. It hits like a smooth bong. I got one so I can medicate in my house on the sly. Who would care about a water bottle?”

Available at: VaporStore

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