In addition to our current line of high-quality merchandise, VaporStore is proud to announce the arrival of new items just in time for the holiday season! Make yourself comfortable and see what’s in store for you!

Tokeez Designer Vaporizer Bags

tokeez-vaporizer-bags2Add some excitement to your next session with these fun and exotic bags! Watch the images come to life as your bag fills with vapor. Available now, with exotic lady silhouettes. Other designs coming soon!


  • 3-Bags in each box
  • 3’ x 1’
  • Meets FDA Standards
  • Compatible with HerbalAire 2.1 & Volcano Solid Valve

Regularly: $7.95
Special Introductory Price: $5


The increasing demand for the smoothest vapor is driving customers to merge their water pipes with vaporizing. As a result, the increasing prevalence of these adaptors is paving the way to higher level of vaporization. Adaptors are adding even more versatility, utility and comfort to what is already valued by many as the most superior method of aromatherapy administration.

Check out our newest adaptors and choose the one that’s right for your water pipe or H2O attachment needs!

Hot Box Water Adaptors


Get ready to enjoy your HotBox Vaporizer with the soothing qualities of cool water filtration. Connect any water pipe to your HotBox handkit using the HotBox Water Adapter and enjoy the best of both worlds! Using your own water pipe with your HotBox vaporizer, you can now experience the health benefits and smooth flavor of vaporizing along with the cooling comfort of your favorite water pipe. Breathe in the relief!

Regular Price $19.95
Special Introductory Price: $14.95



The makers of the Stealth vaporizer have introduced the newest innovation to enhance your vaporizing experience. We are excited to introduce VaporFection’s Aquavape, a new device designed to cool vapor using a trademarked water cooling chamber. This device is compatible with any vaporizer using a whip/handkit delivery system, such as the Stealth, VaporTower and VaporBox.

Made from heavy borosilicate glass, the Aquavape is spill-proof and can be filled with cold water or kept in the fridge for an intense cooled vapor experience any time. This handy mechanism is easy on your throat, and easy on your wallet. Look for special introductory pricing on this item, coming soon!

Watch the demonstration here:

Regularly: $80.00
Special Introductory Price: $60.00

Twinkling Star Projector Pen: Multiple Pattern Lenses


Upgrade your Laser Pen with dazzling new pattern selections! Developed to expand your astounding handheld entertainment options, these innovative lenses fit the tip of your Laser Pen. Each new tip can easily replace your current lens and be changed at your leisure. Display outstanding Spiral, Mandela and Tunnel patterns anywhere you go with the upgraded Laser Pen Lenses. These lenses are compatible with all Laser Pen models, old and new. They work with the red and green pens as well the 30mW and 50mW pens. Tons more fun for a minimal price! Add one of these new effects to your arsenal today and create night magic for you and all your friends.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dynamic Liquid Sky
  • Animated Moving Stars
  • Adjustable Motion Speed with a turn of the dial
  • Laser Output: <30mW & <50mW Available
  • Batteries Included 2pcs of 1.5V AAA Batteries
  • Laser Wave Length: 532nm

Special Introductory Price: $9.95

TightPac Cigarette Case


This handy case keeps your tobacco fresh and includes a snap-in lighter for all-in-one convenience! The TightPac Cigarette Case features dividers to separate your tobacco/herbs and papers so you can stay organized, even on the go. Remove the dividers and the case fits a pack of cigarettes perfectly. Stylish, compact and resilient, you can take it anywhere and always be prepared!

Regularly: $9.95
Special Introductory Price: $5.00

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