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Wooden Storage Container

Sturdy and attractive, this teak wood container is inconspicuous and indispensable. Each hand-crafted piece is entirely unique, and small enough to transport easily while storing a quarter-ounce of dried herbs. A deceptively large amount of storage space that looks great as an accent piece on any desk or table. These are in limited quantity, so get yours now!


Volcano Locking Case with Combo Lock

The most highly regarded vaporizer on the market now has a sturdy aluminum case to provide impact-resistant foam protection. This case has plenty of storage space, yet is compact enough for easy transportation and storage. Keep your Volcano safe from unwanted hands with two combination locks. Internal dividers hold the base unit, a valve set, and all your replacement parts or accessories. Don’t waste another minute—Protect your precious investment today!


VaporTower Aroma Bowl

Time to put your mind at ease. Simply mix water with a few drops of your favorite essential oils in the Aroma Bowl and place it on your VaporTower heating element to create the perfect mood of serenity, rejuvenation, inspiration, and relaxation. Enhance your atmosphere and get the most out of your VaporTower with the Aroma Bowl!

Heat settings may vary depending on the oil(s) used and the concentration of each. We have specially designed models available for both the VaporTower and VaporBox.


Water Pipe Adapters

Keep your vapor cool and soothe your throat all while using your own glass water pipes with a water adapter for your vaporizer handkit. Specially designed to fit most whip style handkits, the water adapter is a must-have for any vaporizing enthusiast. The water adaptors work by attaching your handkit tubing to your water pipe. This is done by placing the adaptor where the down stem is on your water pipe and then connecting the tubing to the adapter. Next, inhale like normal from your water pipe mouthpiece and enjoy the percolating experience. We offer 3 sizes to fit almost every down stem.


Water “Bubbler” Mouthpiece

Don’t have a water pipe but still want that cooling relief? Then look no further than our new water “bubbler” mouthpieces used to filter & cool your vapor. This glass accessory attaches directly to your handkit tubing in place of your mouthpiece to give your vapor a refreshing hydrating boost before inhalation. Works with almost all handkits as well (e.g., VaporTower, VaporBox, VaporCannon, Easy Vape, VaporDoc, VaporFection, Natural Goods, and more). Finally a nearly universal accessory that offers the enhanced soothing feeling all vaporizer users desire.


Zen Bristle Pipe Cleaners

At Last! Get into those hard-to-reach places with Zen Pipe Cleaners. Firm, yet flexible enough to get into every nook and cranny, these workhorse pipe cleaners are extra absorbent and made of 100% cotton fiber. Infused with tiny bristles to help scrub away trapped residue, Zen Pipe Cleaners leave your parts clean without scratching! Each bundle contains (44) 6-inch pipe cleaners. Works great for cleaning glass handkits!


VripTech (Superior Vaporization Technique)

The Superior Vaporization Technique is finally here! VripTech is in a class all by itself with its innovative and ergonomic vaporization system. Designed for the vaporizing connoisseur, the VripTech is looking to start a new wave in healthy and superior vaporization by creating the purest form of vapor using vortex airflow technology.

If you’re in the market for a new piece of high-quality glass, VripTech makes the most ergonomic water pipe on the market with its patented angled design. A “bent neck” is added at the top of the chamber so you don’t have to bend yours!


Krikor Padded Carrying Case

These handy, attractive bags are perfect for transporting your fragile equipment and accessories in style. Hand stitched and high quality, these plush storage bags are deeply padded for maximum protection and comfort when toting your precious items. Also featured are one exterior and two interior pockets to keep smaller items and accessories safe from jostling around. Keep your vaporizer and accessories organized and protected. Save yourself the frustration of breaking equipment in transit! Our bags come in four colors and are sure to suit your taste!



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