Introducing the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

Introducing the newest, bag-fill system vaporizer from Zephyr Ion Vaporizers. This vaporizer is said to rival that of its pricier competitors at nearly ½ the cost! Zyphere is digital, easy to use and even portable. It is lightweight for travel, yet molded with a heavy-duty design to ensure durability and dependability.

Zephyr Vaporizers is a company run by vapor enthusiasts for vapor enthusiasts. Zephyr Vaporizers was founded to address the absence of a high-quality, balloon-style aromatherapy vaporizer on the market that is completely efficient, user-friendly, and reasonably priced. The goal of our first model is to design and manufacture a vaporizer in the$300.00 USD price range that incorporates the highest quality components (and therefore produces the densest and healthiest vapor). It also includes a simple user interface to facilitate ease of use making it great for a beginner or the vaporizer connesuire.


Too many cheap, knock-off vaporizer models either rely on cheap components that can lace your vapor with potentially dangerous toxins or make the user learn a complex, inefficient process to get minimal vaporization. Such designs also rarely generate satisfactory vapor because they do not achieve the precision temperature control needed for efficient vaporization. Moreover, most have phantom warranties if any warranty at all, with minimal customer support. Therefore, VaporStore is pleased to introduce the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer backed by our famous and outstanding customer service!

Order today to take advantage of this preferred customer introductory pricing only $360 (Originally $399)

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