Introducing The ThermoVape T1 Vaporizer

Thermo Vape Vaporizer

The ThermoVape T1 Vaporizer is the world’s first truly pocket friendly portable vaporizer. The revolutionary design is centered around performance, simplicity, durability, and safety. A true convection driven vaporizer the ThermoVape generates incredibly clean, pure heat, and nothing else. The result is a vaporizer that produces flawless vapor, releasing the true essence, and flavor of your favorite botanicals. There is no combustion, and no smoke. Just pure vapor.

The ThermoVape patent pending technology really comes to life once you get this amazing vaporizer in your hand. Optimized for ease of use and to liberate you from bulky, complicated, and unreliable vaporizers. It is truly pocket friendly and pocket safe, requiring no adjustment or tuning, you do not need a wand or a bag, no power outlet or bottle of butane required, just your ThermoVape and your favorite herb. Perfect vapor, wherever and whenever you want.

Available Now:  Thermo Vape Portable Vaporizer

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