Did you know…? – The Importance of High-Quality Tubing

Did you know…?  – The Importance of High-Quality Tubing

Did you know that using high-grade tubing with your vaporizer handkit can greatly improve your vaporizing experience? It goes without saying that the heating element is the most important factor, yet the means of delivery, whether balloon or handkit, is also crucial in determining vapor quality. Tubing plays a large role in defining your vaporizing experience when using a handkit. It is important to use tubing that does not incorporate plasticizers during manufacturing or that give off a taste or odor leaving your vapor tainted.


Any artificial taste or odor transferred into the vapor could be damaging for the consumer. The use of high-quality materials is important in order to ensure the purity and potency of the medicine and to preserve the taste. Most importantly, the user must be able to comfortably ingest their medicine. Many people who are unhappy with their vaporizers often complain of headaches from the “plasticky” smell and taste. “Some tubing and hose materials found at various hardwood and supply stores contain plasticizers (chemical agents) to help facilitate processing and to help the finished tubing or hose become flexible.”[1] When heated, these additives can leak out from the tubing and contaminate the vapor passing through it, usually adding a chemical-like taste or odor. This is a significant concern to vaporizer users as the elements of purity/healthiness along with taste are diminished negating two of the most sought-after benefits over smoking.

A type of tubing commonly identified as a possible health risk is PVC plastic or vinyl tubing. “The additive used to render the final product, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, so flexible, strong and moldable may also pose some hazards to human health.[2] Plasticizers are endocrine (hormone) disrupters and are known to affect your health in ways that we are just starting to learn about. Many of the cheaper vaporizers being shipped in from overseas have looser regulations and use a “non-toxic” vinyl tubing which is PVC tubing with added plasticizers to make it soft. A fact these manufacturers leave out is that it is only non-toxic as long as it is not heated past 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Most vaporizers reach temperatures of 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Many types of tubing are not designed to be heated or to convey vapor that will be inhaled. Testing these types for possible harmful effects is still an open debate, but what is certain is that higher temperatures make it easier for the plasticizers found in low-grade tubing to leak out into the vapor stream. Luckily, there are some high-grade tubing materials (e.g. silicone and polyurethane) that are naturally flexible and do not require plasticizers to increase flexibility. When no plasticizers are used, the potential of contaminates or taste and odor concerns are all but eliminated.

VaporStore is one of the few retailers proud to offer high-grade, non-toxic, plasticizer-free silicone tubing that is compatible with almost any vaporizer handkit. “Silicone tubing has long been used for medical tubing, as it meets the medical industry’s requirements for cleanliness and non-toxicity. Another of silicone’s major features — resistance to extreme temperature variations — has enabled its use in applications where a flexible tubing is needed to handle temperatures not possible with other plastics or rubbers.”[3] VaporStore proudly offers the standard 2.5’ length, the new extended 5’ length for those who may require added length and/or comfort, and also available in bulk upon request. Our silicone tubing is made from FDA-sanctioned materials, and much like the vaporizers we manufacturer, it is designed to last.

Specifications include:

  • Able to resist extreme temperature variation: -100°F to 500°F
  • Resilient, pliable, and resistant to compression
  • Odorless, tasteless, and inert
  • Listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 51)

These important factors are critical in buying replacement tubing for your vaporizer. When deciding upon a vaporizer, don’t let the dangers of tubing scare you. Many customers have told us our silicone tubing tastes better, lasts longer, and is less toxic than most balloons/bags for forced air vaporizers they have used. Using a flexible yet non-toxic, plasticizer-free tubing can make a world of difference in your vaporizing experience. A high-grade silicone tubing will ensure that your vaporizer won’t emit a bad taste or smell while in use, but most importantly will be free of possible contaminants leaking out into the vapor stream. The next time you are looking for new tubing for your vaporizer, remember: VaporStore is one of the few online retailers that cares enough about its customers to carry only high-grade replacement silicone tubing.

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