Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sale

Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sale



Black Friday’s cousin has arrived at VaporStore. Take advantage of our terrific specials and blow out sales this year. VaporStore promises the Cyber Monday following Black Friday to be full of discount items and factory blow out sales!

Cyber Monday is a term coined by, a division of the National Retail Federation. They created “Cyber Monday” to give a name to the emerging trend among online retailers who start offering amazing discounts and price cuts for customers who are also starting their shopping early, but doing most of their shopping online.

What started out as a retail promotion is quickly building momentum to become a tradition as more and more customers realize the benefits of not having to battle road traffic, store traffic and all the frustrations that come with these annoyances. As if the ease of shopping on line were not enough, VaporStore will also save you time with our Gift Wrapping Services and save you even more money with Free Shipping!

We’re opening our Cyber Monday sale with hundreds vaporizers and accessories on sale. This sale will begin Monday, November 29th at 12am and will end Friday December 3rd, at 12am. You can begin browsing your huge sales with the items below.

View Some of the saving here:

Limited Edition Tie-Die iolite Vaporizer

iolite vaporizeriolite Vaporizer is the portable revolution. It requires no cords, no batteries, and no additional heat source. This is the ultimate smokeless freedom with a weight of only 81 grams; it is lighter than your typical mobile phone. It even fits in the palm of your hand.  It uses a unique flameless gas catalytic conversion heating method and thermostatic temperature gage that allows it to achieve its peak performance that can be achieved in less than 10 minutes.

Original price $229.95

Sale price 199.95

The Predator

predator vaporizerThe Predator provides a true hands-free experience in vaporizing with nozzle that locks the whip onto the glass heating element and is removed with a press-button. Thus, the whip never falls off. You will see the vapor swirl as it enters the hose. Many have also commended this product for its stealth feature. The rugged design allows you to put it anywhere without noticing what it is. However, the aesthetics does not compromise design. The legs are stamped from aerospace-quality aluminium and anodized to protect the finish. The injection mold housing is made of nylon and high-temperature silicone. The heating cartridge is stainless steel and will not degrade with use like a ceramic heater. The glass components are the most durable, high-quality German glass. It comes in 4 different shades: Ferrari red, titanium grey, pink and shark blue.

Original price $189.95

Sale price 149.95

The Natural Goods Digital Vaporizer

Natural Goods VaporizerThe Natural Goods Digital is a hands free vaporizer that is equipped with an LCD temperature display so you can adjust the heat setting. It is also very easy to use. Just insert the Hands Free Dual Core Vapor Whip into the unit as it warms up. Once you achieve the temperature you want, fill the Vapor Whip and insert it back into the Natural Goods Vaporizer to begin the Vaporization process. It usually takes 6 – 8 minutes for you to get the temperature you want. It also has medium sized fan for better air flow system so you can inhale better. It uses a 100% Ceramic Heating Element that gives it an efficient heating and vapor quality. Just note that it produces a vapour visible to the naked eye.

Original price $249.95 Sale price 199.95

Original price $175 Sale price 149.95

The Basic Vapolution Package

Cool name, huh?

Vapolution VaporizerIt is made up of glass on glass which is possibly a healthier option than other vaporizers which use glass and metal because glass does not give off minute traces of oxides and ions. The package includes the vaporizer, a 12v direct current power supply and a car adapter, one medium and one small glass bowl, two vinyl whips, and two retaining washers.  The battery adaptor and the car adaptor give it the portability unavailable to other vaporisers.

To use, insert one of the glass bowls into one of the vinyl tubes.  Place one of the retainers over the bowl to avoid the bowl from damaging the glass cover.  Connect the vaporizer to the power supply and switch it on. To hasten the heating, turn the temperature to the maximum and then turn it down once it is heated. It might take you a couple of uses before you find the right temperature for you. Put your herbs in the bowl preferably rolled instead of chopped.

Unlike other vaporizers, you can leave it on to up to 8 hours however, we don’t recommend it. No heated material should be left unattended at any time.


Hand Made VaporSnake Herbal Vaporizer

VaporSnake VaporizerIt’s going to catch your attention with its unique look right off the bat. Each VaporSnake Herbal Vaporizer System is handmade which adds to its aesthetic appeal. And what it delivers in design, it matches in functionality. The snake serves as the herb chamber. It connects to a black box and has a whip attached to the VaporSnake and comes out the front near the top. It also has a temperature knob so you can control the heat setting. It can get about 80% of the active ingredients in your herb into the vapor. That is higher than most vapes.

Original price $220

Sale price 199.95

VM2 Black Beauty Volatizer Herbal Vaporizer

vm2 vaporizerVM2 Black Beauty Volatizer Herbal Vaporizer is an accessory for your water pipe. It attaches to your water pipe and uses an internal water filtration and convection to extract the essential ingredients from your herb. It has a concealable mouthpiece, uses the technologically advanced Lithium Ion battery, a temperature control unit, and a built-in safety features and ergonomic design. And because it is pocket size and operates on batteries, it is the most convenient-to-carry vaporizer on the market.

Original price $229

Sale price 149.95

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