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How to use the Vapir Rise Vaporizer seems to be versatile unit is a little more complicated than some of the other plugins that we’ve reviewed. We attribute this complexity to the versatility provided by the array of adapters and chambers that make the Rise what it is: a truly versatile vaporization device. To begin using it, determine your blend type and select the corresponding filling chamber and fill it. Next, select an adapter based on your preference (bag, multi-user, or solo whip). Turn the device on by first plugging the power cord into an electrical outlet and then simply flip the switch on the rear. Once the display is lit, go ahead and adjust the vaporizer temperature by using the touch-sensitive temperature controls. Once you’ve selected your ideal vaporizing temperature, go ahead and press the button that says “heat” in order to begin the heating process. Either before, during, or after the desired temperature has been reached, attach your filled chamber by sliding it into the top and gently twisting it to lock it into place.

FireFly Laser Projector

Firefly Laser Projector show LDH Handheld Indoor / Outdoor Laser Lamp.
The Firefly LDH Handheld Laser Lamp is a personal, portable laser lamp that transforms any indoor or outdoor space into a piece of art made of colored green lights! The Firefly utilizes a laser and exploits the use of an optical component to provide a light for unique illumination. The emitted light is captivating and concentrated providing a well-lit area without lighting the entire room. Unlike a single light bulb that weakens the light across an area, the Firefly provides numerous sparkling light sources that appear to look like fireworks on the surface you reflect it on. The Firefly is a hybrid lamp for utility and entertainment that you and your family will love. Transform a child’s room or family areas into a sparkling wonderland using less than a watt of energy. It is a unique low-level lighting for media rooms, dorm rooms or hallways. Firefly is perfect for a young adults’ sweet sixteen, off-to-college, or dorm room gift.


The Waldo Vaporizer

Waldo Vaporizer DirectionsThe Waldo Vaporizer is a handheld flame driven pocket vaporizer.  With the glass internals and advanced mouthpiece the Waldo shows immediate performance with Huge vapor clouds instantly.  Easy to use the Waldo vaporizer is a great and upcoming vaporizer that all beginner through advanced users will find this to be their go to vaporizer.

Here is an explanation on how the Waldo Vaporizer works:


Waldo Vaporizer Video


Do you need to vaporize on the go? Do you need to keep your vaporizing concealed and covert? Do you often need to medicate in public areas? When you need to stay inconspicuous, The Incognito Vaporizer is the best stealth vaporizer bar none.

The most impressive quality is the simplicity of craftsmanship. Created out of a stainless steel, no-spill water bottle with a screw on lid, you can use it when out and about and in blend perfectly with the crowd. You draw from the mouth piece of the bottle that you would normally drink from. So it looks just like you are drinking out of a water bottle. It is ceaseless kinesis at its finest.

The Incognito Vaporizer with Lifetime Warranty at VaporStore

The incognito water bottle appearance is not only an aesthetic feature but functional as well. The chamber seals tight, your herbs will never spill or go to waste. The handkit is designed from the VaporTower Handkit created by VaporStore. It includes the dual-screen chamber ensuring you get an even and efficient vaporizing experience. Vape standing up, vape lying down or even upside down and none of your herb will spill. You can vape anywhere – in front of the computer, on your bed, in the car, out in public – and no one will ever notice.



St. Patrick’s Day in America has definitely taken on a life and tradition of its own and VaporStore leads the pack when it comes to saving you a little green this St. Patty’s Day. For a limited time offer, save 10% during our store wide sale with coupon code PATTY11. Also, in keeping tradition of everything green, this St. Patty’s day, view our blow out sale items at the bottom of this letter. Quantities are selling fast and will not last so order your favorite item with special pricing today! Not only that, we will give away free green acrylic grinder with EVERY order over $50 when you use coupon code PATTY11 This offer is only valid  from 12 midnight March 14 to 12 midnight March 18.

Every year on March 17 or the first Saturday thereafter, Chicago dyes its river green and also boasts the longest Irish parade in the country in terms of floats and distance covered. Moreover,  3 million people come to New York to watch a 5-hour parade, bars color their beers green no matter the brand, Hallmark sells 12 million St. Patrick’s cards [1], and 48.6 million cases [2] of beer are sold even during our economic crisis.

St. Patrick was born in 385 A.D. He became a slave in Ireland which was predominantly a nature-based pagan country. He was said to have been told by the voice of God to escape, become a priest and later return to Ireland to convert it to Christianity. Using the three-leaf shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity, St. Patrick successfully introduced and sustained Christianity in Ireland. He died on the 17th of May and the Irish honor him by making this a religious celebration.