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How to fit Arizer Solo Glass Aroma Tubes

The first time you use your Solo it might be hard to fit the Solo Aroma Tube into the unit. This doesn’t mean the tube is too big! Both the straight and bent tubes will fit into the unit after you go through the fitting process. With heating, the unit’s holster on the top of the heating chamber will expand slightly, which will create a snug fit.
If the fit is too tight the first time, there is a standard procedure for fitting it properly.

  • Turn your Solo by holding both buttons. Then press the up button till you get to setting 7 (highest heat setting).
  • Let the unit heat for exactly 10 minutes. That will sterilize the unit, since it is brand new and ready the Solo for the tube to be fitted.
  • Pick the straight Aroma Tube up, with a towel wrapped around it and the botanical chamber at the bottom.
  • Carefully align the Aroma Tube perfectly straight with the opening and press it firmly into place.

You will just need to do this once and the tube will fit from then on forward.


The Ascent Portable Vaporizer by Davinci – The 1st Portable Glass on Glass Vaporizer now known as the Ascent portable vaporizer.

ascent portable vaporizerThere are lots of fantastic portable vaporizers out there, but they suffer from the same shortfall: not many can handle anything other than loose-leaf material. Try to vape a concentrate or essential oil and you’ll be spending the rest of your evening de-gooifying your equipment. Not so with Da Vinci’s latest portable offering.  And being a great looking handheld portable vape the ascent is a perfect choice.  This portable vaporizer gives you that feeling of taking it everywhere and being perfectly incognito!

The Ascent  portable vaporizer is a new portable unit designed by DaVinci that will be introduced to the Vaporizer Market in the Spring of 2013. With features such as Digital Temperature control, a Removable Glass Mouthpiece, Premium Grade Materials, and a 4 Hour Run time, this portable Vaporizer is sure to be a perfect fit for both novice and expert patrons alike. Smart Temperature Technology is combined with an inert ceramic heating element and all glass air path to ensure quality Vapor delivery. Two rechargeable and replaceable lithium ion batteries provide hours of continuous Vaporization. Since the Ascent Vaporizer is designed with similar measurements as an i-Phone 4, the Ascent is equipped with all the characteristics of a superior pocket sized Vaporizer that can be used at home or anywhere on the go! The Ascent portable Vaporizer is available with your choice of premium grade materials, real wood, carbon fiber, or croc skin.


The Sonic Vaporizer

Sonic Vaporizer KitMeet the newest in portable vaporizer technology. The Sonic Vaporizer is an advanced handheld unit that is capable of vaporizing your favorite herbs within seconds. It features a high-quality heating chamber that ensures your herbs are being vaporized efficiently at all times. Unlike many other portable vapes that burn your herbs rather than vaporize them, the Sonic Vape utilizes advanced heating technology to produce only the best quality vapor.


The Sonic Vaporizer utilizes a precise temperature control system that allows the user to control the vaporizing temperature with accuracy. Turn the temperature up for thicker vapor production or turn it down for a healthier approach. Just set your desired temperature and the Sonic will reach vaporizing temperatures within seconds. No waiting around.


ce4-clearomizer-fits-electronic-cigarette-vaporizer-batteries-[3]-205-pThe CE4 Clear Tank atomizers boasts a superb design available in a choice of  vibrant colours and the customary high quality construction that we expect from offered by VaporStore.   These are compatible with most liquid pens and e cigs.  The  CE4 Tank Atomizers are precision-engineered to perfectly vaporize solid essential oils or small quantities of liquid essential oils.  Get a couple and use each one for each different flavor.

Available at

Magic-Flight Herbal Concentrate Tray

Magic-Flight Herbal Concentrate Tray

With the addition of the Magic-Flight Herbal Concentrate Tray, flexibility with the Launch Box is rising to new heights. The Tray will enable Launch Box owners to vaporize herbal concentrates and extracts simply and efficiently in their Launch Box.