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davinci portable vaporizer digitalDa Vinci Vaporizer – The Davinci Portable vaporizer has taken the vaporizer world by storm.  Here is a vaporizer review of the Davinci vaporizer with our our head developer did as he liked it so much.  This portable is digital and the size of a smart phone.  With the battery powered unit it also delivers a more constant heating and vaporization experience.  Check out the Davinci vaporizer today and find out what you have been missing in a portable vaporizer.

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Want to stop smoking and end all that cough-inducing smoke have known about the Volcano Vaporizer for years, but recently the company rolled out Volcano Digit, adding a digital display to the front that precisely shows you the temperature at which your herbal material is cooking. The Volcano Digit’s LEDs add a nice high-tech aura to this trusty appliance, certain to elicit multiple “oh wow” exclamations from your smoking partners. Take a look at a video of the Volcano Digit blowing up a plastic balloon full of non-toxic vapors.



Volcano Vaporizer – Volcano Digit Video

Its makers say the Volcano Digit is accurate, bringing that herb to ± 1.5°C of the perfect vaporization temperature, showing its progress to you in big bright LEDs you’ll be able to read no matter how toasted you are. Even though this Volcano Digit costs $669, we like the idea of reducing the most harmful aspect of smoking.

This is not really a review but this is an excellent video that shows the creation process the vapman portable herbal vaporizer goes through. Handmade to perfection.

Our demonstrations and experience with this new vaporizing wonder has proved to the vaporizing community that it is the best NEW portable vaporizer on the market. This unique and discreet vaporizer comes with its own carrying case which fits snug in your pocket and a pre-filled butane torch lighter for instant vaporization no matter where you are. This amazing device has been tested by everyone from skiers in the Swiss Alps, by YOU, our customers and by our diligent team hear at VaporStore with results reaching 100% functionality and satisfaction. Each experience has yielded great reviews and feedback. Our customers in the U.S. already have an attachment to this new, little vaporizer that packs a lot of punch.

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