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The Sonic Vaporizer

Sonic Vaporizer KitMeet the newest in portable vaporizer technology. The Sonic Vaporizer is an advanced handheld unit that is capable of vaporizing your favorite herbs within seconds. It features a high-quality heating chamber that ensures your herbs are being vaporized efficiently at all times. Unlike many other portable vapes that burn your herbs rather than vaporize them, the Sonic Vape utilizes advanced heating technology to produce only the best quality vapor.


The Sonic Vaporizer utilizes a precise temperature control system that allows the user to control the vaporizing temperature with accuracy. Turn the temperature up for thicker vapor production or turn it down for a healthier approach. Just set your desired temperature and the Sonic will reach vaporizing temperatures within seconds. No waiting around.


ce4-clearomizer-fits-electronic-cigarette-vaporizer-batteries-[3]-205-pThe CE4 Clear Tank atomizers boasts a superb design available in a choice of  vibrant colours and the customary high quality construction that we expect from offered by VaporStore.   These are compatible with most liquid pens and e cigs.  The  CE4 Tank Atomizers are precision-engineered to perfectly vaporize solid essential oils or small quantities of liquid essential oils.  Get a couple and use each one for each different flavor.

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Get Active, Stay Healthy

Is your mind stronger than your body? Each puff on a cigarette sends nicotine to the brain within 10 seconds. Soon the brain’s chemical structure actually changes.

Pastime or Poison? Nicotine sulfate has been used as an insecticide. Nicotine, a component in cigarettes, is found to be as addictive as Heroine and Cocaine.

How much of your life are you losing? One cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes. In 2004, a study was conducted that of those who smoked, and 40% had 15-24 cigarettes per day. Over a 10 year period that accumulates to over a year less of life!

Fiscal Effects: Smoking is not just deadly, it’s expensive. At one-half pack a day at $4 a pack, you spend over 700 dollars in a year!

Did you know? Vaporizers are designed to let users inhale herbal properties while avoiding harmful smoke toxins. They do so by heating herbs to a temperature 356° – 392° F, just below the point of combustion where smoke is produced. At this point, herbal properties are emitted with little or none of the carcinogenic tars and noxious gases found in smoke.

Vaporizing: The Healthy Alternative

Users who are concerned about the respiratory hazards of smoking are strongly advised to use vaporizers.

Did you know? One of the great dangers of smoking are the toxins in the combustion alone. Smoke contains: highly carcinogenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, which are very dangerous to the respiratory system.

Did you know? Alternative devices to vaporizers, such as waterpipes, have been shown to be ineffective at reducing the tars in smoke.

Did you know? When vaporizing, you are not burning all your material, it will last longer which saves you money and materials taste better, making consumption more enjoyable. No more offensive odors!

Did you know? The active ingredients sought after by smoking are more purely consumed when vaporized, which results in higher “yield” meaning more/stronger affect, making herbs more potent, causing you to use less during every session and over extended periods of time. Again saving money.

**Vaporizing is recommended by many physicians for patience who must medicinally consume herbs and vaporizing is the most effective way to practice aroma therapy. Vaporizing allows users to consume their desired herb or tobacco with no harmful side effects produced by smoking.**



An herbal vaporizer (or vapouriser) is a device used to release the active ingredients of plant material such as herbs and tobacco. Vaporizing is a safer, does not small as much and is a healthier alternative to smoking; rather than burning the herb material, which produces many harmful by-products; a herbal vaporizer heats the material, to the ideal temperature for the specific herb, so that the active compounds contained in the plant change and phase into an aromatic vapor, not smoke.

This herbal vapor ideally contains virtually any tar and reduced noxious gases such as carbon monoxide. Vapors may be filtered and cooled further using a water pipe or an inline water/ice attachment, with the vapors stored for subsequent inhalations in an attached balloon and valve.

With no smoke produced, cooler temperatures, and less material required to achieve the same effect, the irritating/harmful effects of smoking are greatly reduced or eliminated along with second hand smoke by using a vaporizer. This makes vaporizers useful in places where there are public bans on smoking. Make the change today for your health and for your family!

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Vaporizers Can Cut Your Annual Smoke Cost By Up To 83%

  • VaporStore carries only convection vaporizers (superior method opposed to conduction) which means fire or direct heat is not applied to any material during use. No fire means No combustion.
  • Rather than burning material, Vaporization extracts the active ingredient and leaves harmful by-products behind. This allows the user to draw out more of the active ingredient as opposed to burning it up right away, which wastes product and money because the smoker does not consume an adequate percentage of the active ingredient.
  • You will get 5-8 draws from a specified amount of material when vaporizing. When smoking, you barley get 1-3 draws while using the same amount. When smoking, most of the active ingredient is gone after the first draw as you lose 50% or more immediately as the flame touches the material. Again, burning up your entire product, damaging your throat and lungs and tasting a burnt/charred flavor vs. a fresh/smooth flavor.
  • Users will get from 89% to 95% pure, active ingredients using a vaporizer. If smoked, you are lucky to get 40%-50% of the ingredients with the same amount of product.
  • Vaporization is so efficient it evenly and adequately uses all of the material leaving little waste. What is left can be reused in many different ways (i.e., cooking). Smoking causes material to be burned and unused. Your stash and your cash literally go up in flames.