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VaporTower Dual Screen HandkitVaporStore is the ORIGINAL creator and designer of the Dual Screen VaporTower Handkit!  Only VaporStore has successfully and efficiently innovated this dynamic handkit.  Our original innovative Dual-Screen Handkit keeps your material secure which renders burning and spilling a problem of the past. Avoid cheap imitations and other manufacturer knock-offs from big brand companies. The dual-screen design allows hot air to flow through the material more evenly extracting all possible vapors. This is something the other handkits have overlooked. The most difficult task when using an original one-piece handkit design is replacing the screen. Our VaporTower Handkit has solved this painstaking process and brought it a step further by adding a second screen. Simply unscrew the top portion (bowl) that is placed onto the heater and pop out its screen. Only seconds to install a new screen. No more wasted frustration! Stick with the original, stick with the best dual chamber handkit made by VaporStore. The easiest and most efficient handkit to use on the market found anywhere hands down!

We have also made this handkit compatible with most other hands free box-style vaporizers. So even if you do not own a VaporTower, but have a classic angled box-style vaporizer, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits the VaporTower hand kit has to offer.  Make your angled box vaporizer work much for efficiently and easier by upgrading to the VaporTower handkit!


Save Money with Vaporizers?

Vaporizers Can Cut Your Annual Smoke Cost By Up To 83%

  • VaporStore carries only convection vaporizers (superior method opposed to conduction) which means fire or direct heat is not applied to any material during use. No fire means No combustion.
  • Rather than burning material, Vaporization extracts the active ingredient and leaves harmful by-products behind. This allows the user to draw out more of the active ingredient as opposed to burning it up right away, which wastes product and money because the smoker does not consume an adequate percentage of the active ingredient.
  • You will get 5-8 draws from a specified amount of material when vaporizing. When smoking, you barely get 1-3 draws while using the same amount. When smoking, most of the active ingredient is gone after the first draw as you lose 50% or more immediately as the flame touches the material. Again, burning up your entire product, damaging your throat and lungs and tasting a burnt/charred flavor vs. a fresh/smooth flavor.


VaporStore is proud to present herbal blends as a new addition to our product line for those seeking natural remedies to assist in treating various ailments or those simply seeking holistic health. We are bringing the best healing properties of nature together with specially designed blends which may be prepared and used in a variety of ways including vaporizing and brewing tea. We now proudly offer 4 unique herbal blends focusing on: lowering blood pressure, quitting smoking, curing respiratory illness, and boosting immunity. Each blend is specially formulated to offer concentrated healing qualities while still offering total body wellness. Try all 4 today and see why each of our herbal blends are a great addition to any holistic lifestyle. [More]

Once you’ve made the decision to improve your quality of life by purchasing a vaporizer, the numerous choices can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are resources to help you select the vaporizer that is right for you. Find answers to your questions and the best customer service at

First you should determine the amount of money you’d like to spend (especially in this turbulent economic climate). Think of your vaporizer as an investment, not an expense. Vaporizer prices can range between $50 to $700. Setting your price limit will facilitate the selection of other options with a product that fits your budget. The average vaporizer cost is around $200-$250 with plenty of high-quality options available. [More]

HERBS & TEMPERATURES FOR VAPORIZATION IN A VAPORIZER – Here is a great listing as found on