Buyer Beware! Cheap Vaporizer Knock-Offs Flood the Market

Buyer Beware! Cheap Vaporizer Knock-Offs Flood the Market

By: Dan

Like many popular products today, name brand vaporizers are falling victim to identity theft. It can be very difficult for an untrained eye to distinguish between high-quality vaporizers and inferior knock-offs. It is often the case that knock-off models appear almost identical on the outside, (but it is what’s inside that counts most). Manufacturers are able to create cheap replicas by using cheap labor and cheap materials while cutting corners to reduce cost. It is important to remember that there is no governing body that grades specific vaporizer models as safe for use and others as dangerous. Nonetheless, there is a way to obtain a high-quality vaporizer, however, it does take a small amount of investigation.

Many new vaporizer users develop bad opinions by using the cheaper models since it is usually their first experience using one. Due to the weak performance of knock-off models, thousands of people make the assumption that all vaporizers are flawed and not worth the investment. It’s no wonder why many legitimate companies are upset that their product image is tainted. Moreover, vaporizing in general is being debased by these deceptive imitators. Every day vaporizers such as the VaporTower Vaporizer, Volcano Vaporizer, Natural Goods Vaporizer, and VaporBox Vaporizers are being easily confused with look-a-likes that claim to be just as good, but comparatively fall far short. Despite their poor performance and shoddy construction, these look-a-likes have somehow survived by preying on unsuspecting customers looking for the cheapest price during the current economic crisis.

Comparision Chart - VaporTower & Knockoff

It is often a good rule of thumb to apply the notion, “you get what you pay for” when purchasing a vaporizer. Please be aware that most vaporizer brands (Volcano aside) are still in their infancy stages of development and offer competitive pricing based on the fair market value of their product. It is rare to find a significant price markup on a vaporizer based solely on the brand. This can be said about the vaporizer industry in general as well. However, this rule is becoming more and more complicated as many cheap knock-off vaporizers are pricing themselves just below the competition to appear similar in quality, but at a “bargain” price. Still, it is safe to say that any box style vaporizer under $100 should be looked at with a critical eye.

Most “bargain” vaporizers use a plastic or a wood composite for the casing which can often get very hot during usage (making it untouchable), and later cause it to warp or crack. Conveniently, this usually tends to happen shortly after their limited warranties expire. While each manufacturer is different, it is believed that cheap heating elements are composed of metal and plastic parts which can emit toxins detrimental to your health. Also, these shoddy heaters usually have short lives as well since the materials used are so cheap. Using a mixture of inexpensive parts allow the manufacturers to offer unbeatable pricing to wholesalers and retailer customers alike. Typically, many of these look-a-likes also offer extra “bells and whistles” that have zero impact on the vaporizer’s performance (i.e. digital temperature readouts and LED lighting.)

Many of these cheap manufacturers are companies located outside the United States and fail to offer customer support despite granting a warranty with their product. It is best to try contacting the manufacturer prior to purchasing a vaporizer to ensure they are in good standing before you fork over your hard-earned money. You can also ask your retailer if there have been any problems with the manufacturer’s vaporizers or their customer support. This way you will know who to speak with when the time comes.

Scared? Well, don’t lose hope just yet. Despite our troubled economic times, there are still vaporizer manufacturers out there dedicated to producing a trusted, high-quality product. The most important thing to do when selecting a vaporizer is to read reviews from other owners and find out product specifications. There are many online forums (e.g. – where vaporizer users talk about success stories and utter failures regarding their vaporizing experiences. Remember, you can also do research by contacting the manufacturer or store where you are planning your purchase. If you can’t find product specifications on your own, be sure to ask questions such as “what kind of heating element is used?” and “what kind of warranty does it come with?” before making your purchase. Companies or retail stores that avoid answering these questions or offer short warranties (1 year or less) likely have something to hide and should not be trusted.

Vaporizers were made to be a healthy alternative to smoking, and advancements in technology have allowed for the development of high-quality units that are safe, effective and affordable. Unfortunately, the inferior products flooding the market are damaging the integrity of vaporization. Many feel a case can be made that some of these cheap vaporizers are just as dangerous as smoking. The best rule to follow is “when in doubt, check it out.” As long as you do a little work to find out exactly what you’re using, you will be able to find a quality vaporizer that is right for you.

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