Back to School with HUGE Discounts!


It’s time for all you students out there to head back to school! Economics 101 teaches us it’s never too early to start saving money; the perfect reason for you to explore all the different advantages vaporizing has to offer! Start saving both your health and your money today by quitting traditional smoking methods and purchasing a vaporizer from VaporStore. By “vaping” your material, as opposed to smoking it, you get more than twice the active ingredients out of your herbal blends. Studies show that roughly, 85% to 95% more active ingredient are extracted with vaporizing rather than smoking.

Lets apply some basic math skills. When smoking using traditional methods, you are likely to get less draws/inhales than if you were vaporizing. You also lose 40%-50% of the active ingredient in your material through combustion.  Using less material to extract more draws equals a higher yield and huge savings – Vaporizing makes this possible!

When done properly, vaporizing creates no smoke leaving out 95% of the toxins found in smoke, thus saving your lungs from harmful carcinogens. By quitting smoking, you not only save money on your material, but you can avoid costs for health conditions or worse yet,  hospital bills in the future from problems caused by smoking. Also think of the benefits in dorms as vaporizing is smokeless and virtually odorless. For those who know the benefits, the choice is clear. By switching to vaporizing, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain. In fact, we are having a Back to School Sale—10% off Store-Wide! Simply place an order at any time between ### and September 15th and use code backtoschool. You will save 10% instantly on your order *.  To learn more about vaporizing and specifically, the VaporStore VaporTower, please visit or today.

* NOTE: Volcano, Volcano products, and some other products are not available for discount and it is for min orders $50 or more.

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